A Practical User Guide Released

The OntoED team are pleased to announce the release of version 1.1 of Ontology Engineering with Diagrams: A Practical User Guide. This book contains an introduction to concept diagrams, showing how they can be practically applied to ontology engineering. The book also shows how to use diagrammatic patterns to model commonly occuring constraints, such as All Values From, Some Values From and property Domain and Range.

WOP 2013 Best Poster Prize

The project team have been awarded the Best Poster prize at the 4th Workshop on Ontology and Semantic Web Patterns 2013 for their collaborative work with Kerry Taylor. The award is for their short paper entitled

Towards Diagrammatic Ontology Patterns

which presents a set of patterns for commonly occurring ontology axioms such as All Values From and Some Values From. 

Tutorial Slides for ISWC 2013

Here are the slides that accompany the ISWC 2013 tutorial entitled Modelling Ontologies Visually. They include many examples and exercises for the reader to attempt. If you are interested in this tutorial but have not been able to attend then please contact Gem Stapleton (g.e.stapleton@brighton.ac.uk) who will be happy to discuss the material with you and email a pdf of the associated booklet.

VL/HCC 2013

Members of the project team are attending the IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing 2013. They presented the paper entitled Protecting Privacy: Towards. A Visual Framework for Handling End-User Data which demonstrates how to use concept diagrams for modelling ontologies in a privacy context. If you would like to get a copy of the paper please contact Gem Stapleton (g.e.stapleton@brighton.ac.uk).

Ontology Patterns

The OntoED team will be presenting some early work on patterns defined using concept diagrams at the 4th Workshop on Ontology and Semantic Web Patterns 2013, running at ISWC 2013. The paper is entitled

Towards Diagrammatic Ontology Patterns

by Gem Stapleton, John Howse, Kerry Taylor, Aidan Delaney, Jim Burton, and Peter Chapman. This early work will be followed up by a more in-depth study of how to define commonly occurring constructions in ontology engineering.